January 2014

One of the windows / Signature at the base / Close-up on the windows.

Those who see through the windows / Initial sketch / Reward for the curious ones.

I made this fish with a carnival in mind and it evolved until it became a sailing fish, a vessel with many people inside it, like a ship or a submarine. I love the idea of a trip as an experience, looking in and out through the windows. It's interesting how the relationship between two things (passenger and fish) occurs in such a way that a fish can turn into a giant, a ship or something exceptional that everybody would love to see sometime. Many people are seen through the windows: a boy who is moving to a different place whose father consoles him, a man with his dog, a couple in love, some schoolmates, a loving mother showing the view to her small child. On top of the fish there is a luggage rack with numbered suitcases and packages that could contain whatever one may imagine…

I love all sea-related things a lot. The ships and boats never cease to amaze me. Ever since I was a kid we used to spend our holidays at the Port of Veracruz, Mexico, a simple, calm, mellow and tropical place. I love those huge knots on the ships, the old rust at their base, the movement of the water that could go from subtle to violent, the people, the danzón, the statues, the big containers. I have been to many ports and I love them all but Veracruz is very dear to my heart.

This piece is available for sale at ryan james fine arts here in Washington.